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I hope the money that made from charging me for the re-stocking fee will help them throughout the course of their business. With the money that you they took from me, I hope that they use it to better their business so that nobody will feel cheated like I had felt. I hope that everyone that does business with them will never have to go through the experience that I had to go through, and if my hopes for their welfare does not make it to the higher governing laws of economics, then I hope that they will settle with their losses and shut down for good.

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I am sorry that you are unhappy with our return policy. Our return policy is that electronics must be returned within 14 days of the date of purchase with the receipt and some items may have a restocking fee.

We only have that because some people may only use it for a couple days and then return it because they don't need it anymore. A lot of places are doing it nowadays and have been for awhile, so it's not just us.


Oh, boo hoo! :cry

These so-called 'customers' are actually scammers!

They enter the store, make up a false story and do everything they possibly can to demand 50% off of a product ALREADY ON SALE !!

Officemax is the victim of customer fraud !! :(

I seriously wish Officemax would hire the local police to stop these crooks from ripping off the stores. :(

The district managers have no choice but to shut down these stores because they are losing money. :sigh

The problem is that these rude customers are forcing Officemax out of business with their fraud. :x

People are unemployed and the economy is ruined, all thanks to those GREEDY customers !!

Honestly -- there ought to be a law. :eek

to Satisfied Customer #619435

How much are you paid to troll all these posts and harass the people leaving legitimate complaints??? :grin :p :eek

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